Adventure Sports in Kashmir

In times of yore, before the development of modern communications, even getting to Kashmir was an adventure. Cupped within some of the highest mountains in the world ranging in altitude from 5,000 to 7,000 m, some unnamed and unclimbed, the remote beauty of Kashmir has become comparatively more easily accessible only since it came under the umbrella of modern Jet travel.

Following contemporary holiday tradition, Kashmir extends an invitation to breathtaking adventure. Climbing sheer ice-walls and vertical granite slabs, trekking the beautiful forest trails to glaciers and mountain lakes, angling in swift flowing trout streams, golfing on some of the highest courses in the world, rafting down rapids and narrow gorges, hang-gliding and hot air ballooning, skiing down some of the finest slopes and ski-mountaineering across range upon range of mountains are among some of the exciting sports Kashmir has to offer. In Kashmir, you can even be a pioneer in what you do - if you're dar-ing enough. It's the adventure playground par excellence.

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