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Life, Love & Joy
(A Collection of Poems)
Manmohan Dhar, New Delhi


A lonely journey,
Of experience, unfoldment and wisdom,
In a world of relationships,
Of love, abiding faith and commitment,
Or barren-sans love, joy and understanding,
A mixed fare of all sorts.
And at the end of it all,
Standing alone at the edge of depth,
Facing the vast infinitude of nothingness,
Where life's achievements, successes,
Failures and fears dwindle,
Into a few shades of distant memory.
A moment of self gathering dawns,
Leaving behind the burdens of the past
And standing naked like a child,
Ready to enter the realm of the Unknown,
From were he came,
Completing the journey of life.

Unfettered Love

Unbroken chain of memories,
Unstable eddies of thought,
Like misty winds of morn,
Tease one out of sort.
Life loses all meaning,
When loving a thin cover,
Of base and mean desire,
A tinsel wrapping on things sour.
When faith, love and sympathy,
Are just words, empty and hollow,
One's deepest streams of feeling,
Get lost in sandy shallow.
Ah! In this night of betrayal,
Where can a man go?
In the storm of suffering,
Who will his boat toe?
Look at the birds flying high,
Unmindful, whether they live or die,
Replete with feeling of joy,
Gliding on in infinite sky.
With no thought of morrow,
Of pain, hunger or sorrow,
Moving in unfettered space,
With gay abandon and grace.

Essence of Living

Where eyes glow and lips smile,
Where joy is yours mile after mile.
Where spring is forever and love like a stream,
Is all around you, as in a dream.
Feel not pain when friends falter,
Your efforts fail or plans alter.
With a happy heart and sinews strong,
Hold on patiently as you get along.
The essence of life, is how you live,
Not how much you get, but how much you give.


My defenses have fallen,
Like a pack of cards,
And me like a drop of dew,
Lies helpless on a fallen leaf.
And my `self' lies in quiet love,
Floating on waves of time.
A few more years and my heart,
Would have done its day,
And me like a piece of clay,
Will be lost in elements.
Memories will linger for a while,
And then will exist no more.

The author, besides being an internationally renowned engineering expert, is a man of versatile genius; a writer, poet, melodious singer, outstanding musician and above all a person of extra-ordinary humane qualities. The above poems are from his collection of poems entitled "Life, Love & Joy". His another publication on "Swami Ashoka Nandaji" was recently released by Dr. Karan Singh at India International Centre, New Delhi.

Mailing Address : C-56 Kailash Apartments, Lala Lajpat Raj Marg, New Delhi-110 048


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