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Petals from Lotus Poisy
Smt. Bimla Raina, Jammu
English Translation : Sh. T. N. Hangloo
Gushingly flows a stream of nectar limitlessly,
Drink of Gods effuses and trickles calmly,
Luminosity evinces and radiates the refulgent,
Enthroned dazzlingly on thousand
pettled lotus is the supreme pair.
Hoarding gold, wealth and treasures into lockers,
How are you going, to give a slip,
to death ever operative,Provision of victuals, eatables, you
may garner in bins,
How are you going, to overcome,
vanishing of the breath.
Illuminer illumined the hidden cave,
Subtle appeared with immanance and
brilliance in subtility,
Having cast off, and donning a purified instar,
Falling into silence, I imbibed in a draught
Amrit in notime.
Let us attain purity and piety at trikuta
the cavernous pleux
There lies the great fountain head of shakti,
That turns all baser elements into gold,
Ascending thereafter, greets radiating effulgence,
Hamsivera & Hamseverie became my learners,
Hamsas Enlightned & made meconversent 
Through out, Moulding and atoning all my atoms,
I rythemed with it,Soon I found myself lifted &
exhalted in Absolute.
One who sheds off sleep from his eyes,
One who becomes insouciant
of his casual (Karan) body,
Fastens his tounge on to his palatal roof above,
Restraining garbage through gullet,
can sip soma through tounge measure.
Ringing in my ear set me thinking deep,
It revealed on to me essence of truth,
It carved indelibly on my chit (mind),
Setting disarrayed left me in wonderment.
He who will bear live coal,
Who will pound his ego,
He will draw nectar from above,
And he will realise early with consummate ease.
Adjust ears to see and fix eyes to listen,
As to where from ringeth the divine melody,
Sharing it with none eare for awaking,
Then alone shall dawn the
precocity and maturity.
Uproot the attachment of one and all,
Don't fall drawn to weave the webs,
The dark valley of death will whisk you away,
Don't claim that here you own any coffers.
Bhakti is not available readily on any shop,
May you spend wantonly at its top,
It emerges and kindles inside spontaneously,
The self only needs to aspire with an agonising awe.
Manifested by manifestation and then into hiding,
Off setting the state of wakefulness,
Embedded in the self indiscernibly,
Offering Floarals Personally to the'self.
With every breath recite mantra
Care with alertness that no thread gives in,
Tune the musical strings of your inner orchestra,
Then alone, mountains of hurdles
will not block the path
Concentrating on Bija-mantra assidously,
Went on fathoming deeper depths
with blazed illumination,
Identifying myself, I mused joyously
in its beauteousness,
Thus ripended my repository of gems of bliss.
Youth saw me in external celebrities busy,
I moved unmindful of ultimate reality,
Woke up on the day of reckoning,
Found rendered just foible amid complacency.

Smt. Bimla Raina, the author of this poem in Kashmiri, is a great poet of Kashmir. Her latest contribution, "Reshi Malyum Myon", comprises of 300 "vaks" which have been held in highest acclaim by the contemporary litterateures of Kashmiri language.

Mailing Address : 11-B/B, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu-180003

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