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Posha Pooza
(late) Pt. Krishen Joo Razdan
Translated into English verse by Shri Triloki Nath Wanchoo, New Delhi

The devotional lotuses are abloom in the lake of love :
For showering the flower petals on Shiv Shanker.

1. Meditating on Shiva as narrated in Vedas :
The Devtasand Karans bless us with Amrit
Our abodes are turned into Vaikuntha :
For showering the flower petals on Rameshwar.

2. For being near Amar at the Amar Nath ;
Our Pilgrimage starts, resultant of past good deeds :
All the boons of pilgrimage are bestowed on Kashmir :
For showering the flower petals on Mukhteshwar.

3. But let us first bow to Adideva ;
Bathe him, he being the first in the lineage :
This bearer Haland Mosal with waters of Ganesh Bal;
For showering flower petals on Lambhodar.

4. I offer my head to Amreshwar at Navdal;
Pray before Shankerat Thajiwore;
I go around Chakdherat Bhijibror;
For showering flower petals on Vijyeshwar.

5. On hillock I sing praises of Totla ;
Take bath in the month of Magha in the springs of Anant Nag;
Indira was amazed to get rid of the course thus :
For showering the flower petals on Vishembhar.

6. Pray to Bhargashakhawith Aragya & flowers ;
By reaching Mattanget rid of all the sins;
The Pitrasget Mokhsha there instantly;
For showering the flower petals on Shri Bhaskar.

7. With profound love of Shiva I pray at Kar Kuthi Naga ;
In bathing at Papapaharan Naga my sins are washed;
As did Bhimsenin company of Haldhar;
For showering the flower petals on Hari Har;

8. Crossing over the hillock withthe garlands of love ;Reaching the golden area of Uma & Shower flower on her;
She will pardon all my sins, as I meditate on her;
For showering the flower petals on Umadhar.

9. I go around the lake of Koot-Heer;
Which is equally sacred as Koti-Tirtha;
I rely upon the boon of Shanker-Shan;
For showering the flower petals on koteshwar

10. I climb up after taking leave of Zindakeshwar;
To offer flowers to Shiv at Shiva;
To Parmeshwarias well as to Parmeshwar
For showering the flower petals on Jumbhkeshwar.

11. I fast and pray daily to all the three to appear;
My salutation at the feet of all the three of them;
(Tri-Sandhya, Ladra-Sandhya, Pavna-Sandhya)
In Sunda BrariI offer my existence to Shyam Sunder;
For showering the flower petals on Pitambhar.

12. Filling the Thaliwith Kheer & Khand;
I wish to feed him with my own hands with love;
In Neela Nagthe Neela Kantha Dighambhar;
For showering the flower petals on Neelambhar.

13. Divsarbeing the real abode of Devas;
My Salutation at the feet of all the Devas;
I attain peace by bathing at Vasuki Nag full of lotuses;
For showering the flower petals on Saikuncha.

14. I go with full Bhakti to Kapala Mochan;
All my sins and curses will vanish at Shapa Mochan;
By surrendering the self to Kapala Mala Dhar;
For showering the flower petals on Trishul Dhar.

15. I will go to Ganga Jatan to ask for boon from Hara;
So that he makes me drink the Amrit Dhara;
I am awaiting, solely depending on his benevolence;
For showering the flower petals on Jata Dhar.

16. Daily in company of kiths and strangers;
In deep reverence of Shiva I bathe in Priyag;
In Kooti TirthaI will offer flowers to Ishwara;
For showering the flower petals on Tripushkar.

17. On my own I shall go to show my love;
To Kalagna Rudraand Bhadharakali;
Sincerely shall I pray before Kapalamaladhar;
For showering the flower petals on Kala Shekhar.

18. In recognition of my Satguru in Tula Mula;
I will pray before Raj-Rani-Mata-Ragnya;
I will offer Dhoop, Deep & Chamar to her;
For showering the flower petals on Bhuteshwar.

19. With my mind & soul shall I prayHarat Ramaradan.Will wait upon him at thedoorsteps of Harmukh.I will climb Barathal & reach Brahmsar.
For showering the flower petals on Jagdeshwar.

20. I will cross over Hamsdhar & reach Kolasar;
In love of ShivaI shall bathe in Ganga;
Recognising the Visheshwar as Vishwa-Roopa.
For showering of flower petals on Gangadhar.

21. Arjan Deva in company of Yudhishthra;
Prayed at Naran-Nag& meditated there;
In the temple of Mana the Shridhara.
For showering the flower petals on Damodhar.

22. In ParbatI shall sing praises of Sharika;
Vamdevawill protect me under his wings;
He will annihilate the Asura of Sankat.
For showering the flower petals on Chakreshwar.

23. The blossoms of flowers are aglore at Pampore;
Offer them to Balikaas well as Jwala;
(Balahome & Khrew)
To Shri Mahadevas well as Bhasmadhar;
For showering the flower petals on Harshishwar.

24. To how many Nagasone can go in this Bhavsar;
Better to put mind and soul on Naga Nath.
I will pray in my own Mana to Shiva.
For showering the flower petals on Atma-Roop-Hara.  25. The Shiva will offer his Charas of love to Krishna;
He will bestow on him the boons of Tirthas while at home;
He will show him his Roopa instantly;
For showering the flower petals on Shadhakhshar.

Nati, Lachhali, Gratan, Aakashan, Taari,
Noan, neerith, Won, Chon, Mahima,
Parma, Shakhati, Maninak, Shankarachari,
Haaray, Parbatchi, Haariye.
Shiv-Shakhati, Roopa, Zaanit, Chopari,
Guli, Gandith, Wonnay, Mya, Yaari, Kar,
Hyeth, Nakhas, Neenakh, Manzi, Kashtwari,
Haaray, Parbatachi, Haariye.
(Krishen Joo Razdan)
Pitcher, Broom, Grinding-Mill,
Firmament & Latch;
Came out and Sang praises of
your Venerableness;
Shankracharya accepted your
powers as Param-Shakti;
The Haari of Hari Parhat.
Recognising you as Shiva's Shakti of Universe;
With folded hands he prayed to you, to bestow your
benevolence on him;
He took you away on his shoulders
through Kishtawar.
The Haari of Hari Parbat. (Translation by T. N. Wachoo)

The translator of this poem, Shri T. N. Wanchoo is Gen. Secretory of A.I.K.S.

Mailing Address : D-90, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi

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