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"Enchanting World of the Infant"
Dr. K. L. Chowdhury, Jammu

1. Time Encapsulated

Was Time ever made captive
as when I conceive you
my little one,
and made use
of every infinitesimal second
in shaping you, my darling,
from the primordial egg
to the merry embryo
and to a vibrant foetus?
I weave at my will,
every waking moment
and every sleeping wink,
the pattern of time
into matter and space
to give you form.
Time is in my grasp.
Time is at my command.
Time is encapsulated within me.
Time is incarnate in my offspring.
My blood waters the seed of Time
to bring it to fruition
and make the miracle of life
possible within me.

Feb. 1999

2. No Perfumes for My Child

do not anoint your child
with lotions and liniments,
do not dab his tender skin
with sweet scents,
do not burn incense.
See how naturally he smells
his sweet innocence,
the fragrance of the unpolluted
the aroma
that derives its essence
from divine munificence.
do not sprinkle rose water
nor spray perfumes
on your little infant.
See how he exudes
a subtle redolence
that feeds on ambrosia,
the milk of your love's
The magnolia lends its secret
grandeur at the break of dawn,
the rose blushes
with the morning flush,
the champa and chameli
titillate the senses for the day,
and the rat ki rani
tingles the nostrils
under cover of darkness,
but the sweet fragrance of your
is there for you to savor
all day and night
throughout the year.

June 1999

3. Let Tears Flow

Do not worry and wonder
little mother
at the flights of mood
or a slight flicker
on the visage of your toddler.
Through his language of signs
he unravels clear and true
his innermost thoughts to you.
Do not panic mother
because he weeps and cries,
nor tear your heart out
when in crying sometimes
he holds his breath to lividity
for what seems an eternity.
Crying gives his limbs and lungs
the much needed exercise
and breath holding
is the first lesson
in that self discipline
of which yogis have oft spoken.
Do not fret and fume mother
when tears well up in his eyes
and flow down his cheeks in
They are the cleansing nectar
that wash his eyes
of the unsightliness of this world,
they brim over for thee
in the first leavening of love.

July 1999

Mailing Address : Chowdhury Lane, Roop Nagar, Jammu
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