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Navreh aav
Dr. Veena Dhar, New Jersey, USA
Navreh aav, navreh aav
Kulan ta poshan bahaar hay aav
Kathi tan, kathi tan jand vand draav
Navreh aav, navreh aav
Yambarzal ta gulaab posh pholne draav
Panpompur hay graayan tsav
Baagan bagiichan sabzaar aav
Navrah aav, navreh aav
Na-av, na-av poshaak chiv kya shuubaan
Sa-rii samaan asaan gindaan
Maalayn ta bhaayan yaavun aav
Navreh aav, navreh aav
Kukilaa chi lanj pe-eth bol bosh karaan
Aabshaaran manz paan paraan
Maajan, benyan chuy kya chik chaav
Navreh aav, navreh aav
Baadaam vaaree samaavaar chaay
Tsakrii-shwaras dodh paav bhaav
Paan Bhagvaan hay parvat aav
Navreh aav, navreh aav
Gil ghos sa-rii masharaviv
Paanava-an miltsar bagraviv
Soray rozi yathi tay, aasi nii vaav
Navreh aav, navreh aav

The author is a renowned and an acknowledged Physician in U.S.A.

Mailing Address : 17 Lockhern Drive, Livingston, NJ-07039, U.S.A.

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