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"Blessed Kashmir, My Home"
Ashok Manvati, Noida
Hours have passed and days have passed,
But I have not reached my Home.
With throbbing hearts and eager eyes,
Mystical mind and murmuring thoughts,
Years have passed and years have passed,
But I have not reached my Home.
Virkem, Tekbatni and Yamberzal,
Perhaps lost to the baking Sun,
Frolicking snow flakes romantic fun,
Lucchi, Telwor, Kehwa, a joy, none.
The meandering ways, the silvery streams,
Glittering peaks and Heavenly Whites,
The whiff of Lakes and song of Birds,
The thought of home hangs like swords.
The Chinar shades, the Willowy breeze,
Blissful blues and earthly Greens,
Ambrosial Pines and nurturing fields,
Yet I am far from my general Home.
The Magical land and mystical Man,
Nestling Mother and affable wife,
Open Windows and open mind,
Just a thought puts me in a grind.
Bustling woods under terrorist guns,
Bulbuls lost, their whistling Runs,
The chant of Koels, anthem of nuns,
In the cemetery of lenity, Mom's sons.
Political ends and personal Chairs,
That have thrown me into jitters,
Ever will they feel yearning pains?
God knows when healing rains.
The thoughts shiver like fluttering waves,
Snaking through the meadow graves,
Distorted cultural rainbow rays,
By spineless, insipid, Extremist Gays.
Ascetic azans and temple rings,
Waiting in wings to lustrate winds,
The murky Lakes & trembling brooks,
Torpid Kingfishers & Daffodil blooms.
Riders fall and ride again,
Wounds too heal again,
It is hope that takes them through,
Only those, run, do reach their Home.
Milestones may come in way,
For events may have a say,
Glacial streams do make a way,
However steep the boulders may.
Wheel of Time does make a round,
Thunders are followed by silent sound,
May not be me, my future will be,
Safely landing on Homely Ground.

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